How can you help Diamond Canyon become one of the strongest in technology without spending any money? Help us with the silent auction.

We are asking families to think about the connections you all have. Do know someone who has access to a beach house, a business that can donate an item, a famous individual that would sign something, or get tickets to an event? If we just had one great item in every other class it would make this years silent auction a huge success. We have had a good start in terms of donations but are still looking for more. All items are tax deductible!

Please help us network for more donations. If you have any questions contact Mark Burkhart or Darby Mistak at or

If you would like to attend the auction on January 19th please do so by going to this site.

We have attached a letter to use for potential donors. Once we receive donations we provide a tax receipt document.

Thank you

Darby Mistak
Mark Burkhart
Silent Auction